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DomainTools Revitalizes DailyChanges.com, Improving End-user Consumability

DomainTools Revitalizes DailyChanges.com, Improving End-user Consumability

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) July 28, 2011

DomainTools, the recognized leader in domain name research and monitoring, today launched a revamped DailyChanges.com website that features graphical user interface changes that improve overall navigation and usability. Still offering the same powerful daily DNS changes and web hosting activity, the freshly polished DailyChanges.com now provides data and statistics in a way that is easier for consumers to understand and digest.

DailyChanges.com has been serving DNS information since 2002. The site reports daily activity in 6 TLD’s, including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ & .US, and the associated name servers based on changes reported in Registry Zone Files. DailyChanges.com offers an inside look at the most popular name servers, reporting details of TLD composition, the number of domains that use a specific name server as its primary name server, and the hosts each name server uses. Additional insight specific to each of the most popular name servers is available with details of new, deleted and transferred domains. DailyChanges.com stores this data and makes it available with a permanent link for future use.

DailyChanges.com provides multiple data sets for use in discovering Internet activity trends so users can:

-Discover which name servers change the most

-Find out which name server had the most new domains registered

-Look for trends in transfers between name servers

-Retrieve the name servers of the top 50 popular websites

-Search by domain or IP for associated name server information

The information on DailyChanges.com is made freely available to any visitor. The site statistics, such as report hosting, name server and domain trend data, are often referenced in various publications and media. In addition, domain portfolio owners and advisers find it useful for researching market opportunities.

Says Jamie Zoch, Owner, DotWeekly.com, “The premium and unique domain name server data provided by DailyChanges.com easily provides competitive advantages to any company or business, and I like that it is easy to use and navigate. In fact, I use it daily.”

For nearly 10 years, DomainTools has provided users with the most comprehensive data about domain names. Individuals, small business owners, and many large enterprises use the breadth of tools to do everything from finding a good domain for a new business to verifying DNS and WHOIS information on corporate portfolios of thousands of domains.


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New Soccer Training Method Revitalizes Maitland Soccer Club

New Soccer Training Method Revitalizes Maitland Soccer Club

(PRWEB) June 27, 2005

Maitland Soccer Club has adopted a new soccer training program, Virtual Soccer Trainer, a new method for teaching soccer over the Internet through short video developed by former professional soccer player Kamal de Gregory. Since adopting the program, Maitland Soccer Club has seen dramatic improvements in their team’s abilities.

“We are using Virtual Soccer Trainer as an integral tool for reaching our five year goal of being the best soccer club in Orlando, Florida,” said Joe Biber, Director of Coaching for the Maitland Soccer Club. “It allows us to teach exactly what we want every player in the club to learn, while keeping parents and coaches informed and on the same page. It does the work of providing unlimited time and effort in supporting every member of our organization, enabling them in reaching our club’s vision.”

Virtual Soccer Trainer is an online soccer training program using the theory of modeling, in which players are shown the correct way to perform a skill then work to mimic it. It consists of hundreds of 1-3 minute soccer training tutorials designed to:

Accelerate beginning and advanced players’ skills

Educate parents

Help coaches save time by continuing to train their players off the field

The soccer training tutorials range from the basic themes of proper passing technique to advanced topics of defending in the midfield. Soccer drills and online tests have also been created to help teach and reinforce these topics, and all are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at http://www.4Skills.com.

This soccer training program is available to youth teams for as little as $ 2 per player. To receive this soccer training program, visit http://www.4Skills.com or call toll-free 1-866-460-3569. The website also has valuable information on health-related soccer training issues, tips from other soccer professionals, and lots of soccer products.

About Maitland Soccer Club

Maitland Soccer Club’s vision is to develop players who play soccer well and grow as individuals and teammates inside a supportive community. Through proper instruction, training, and encouragement, Maitland Soccer Club is coaching players to be champions with character, both on and off the field.

About 4Skills.com

4Skills.com was created after Kamal de Gregory, a professional soccer player, saw the difference in soccer training techniques around the globe. Some methods worked better than others, but de Gregory became dedicated to providing professional soccer training, which was previously only accessible to elite and professional players, to youth teams around the world.

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