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Customer Communications Group Reveals How to Build a Fresh Loyalty Program Around a Brand and Customers

Customer Communications Group Reveals How to Build a Fresh Loyalty Program Around a Brand and Customers

DENVER, CO (PRWEB) April 14, 2004 –

— Customer Communications Group (CCG) will reveal various strategies on how to build a loyalty program around a brand and customers at the Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA) 2004 National Convention & Trade Show. CCG’s President and CEO, Sandra Gudat, will be sharing her customer relationship management (CRM) expertise and presenting at the convention May 3 – 5 in Ottawa, Canada. At the convention, attendees will get a holistic view of what’s on the horizon for businesses and will be able to sharpen their strategic thinking with sessions designed for a deeper understanding of today’s business challenges.

Gudat will be co-presenting with Stacia Rubinovich, Director of CRM at A&P Canada, and their presentation will highlight how A&P Canada developed its new loyalty program, Club Fresh, and what A&P does to ensure the program stays fresh. They will also reveal the top ways to tie a brand to a loyalty program and the five-step process to use to ensure a branding strategy is driving all marketing initiatives. How the “We’re fresh obsessed” brand has been translated into A&P’s loyalty program will also be revealed.

Gudat is considered a pioneer in the field of relationship marketing. She has helped define the field of CRM, which recognizes the importance of existing customers by seeking ways to increase customer loyalty. Gudat has been instrumental in building CCG’s Fortune 1000 client base which has included such notable clients as: First USA, General Motors, IBM, JD Edwards, Nordstrom, Pier 1 Imports, Tommy Hilfiger and Wells Fargo. CCG’s award-winning programs have produced outstanding results which have had a significant impact on CCG’s clients’ bottom lines. Her results-driven attitude is reflected in CCG’s proven ability to combine the strategies and tactics to create programs that work in the real world to drive sales and profits.

About Customer Communications Group

Customer Communications Group, Inc. (CCG) pioneered the concept of relationship marketing more than 25 years ago and continues to prove its leadership position by delivering tailored cross-media solutions that typically generate 8 – 15 percent incremental sales increase and 200 – 400 percent ROI.

As a full-service relationship marketing agency, CCG offers expertise in strategic consulting, analytical data services, database marketing, loyalty program development, creative concepting and execution, multimedia solutions and print production.

CCG’s progressive programs support the upsell, cross-sell, acquisition, activation and retention efforts of our Fortune 1000 clients, including A&P, Bank of Montreal (Harris Bank), Comerica, Countrywide Financial, General Motors, IBM, JD Edwards, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Payless ShoeSource, PETCO, Pier 1 Imports, SouthTrust and Wachovia Bank.

For more information about Customer Communications Group, Inc., visit http://www.customer.com or contact Sandra Gudat, President/CEO at 800-525-0313 or [email protected]

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Author Lynn Moore Reveals Why Baby Boomer Women Are The Largest Influence Behind the Historical Change in the Dynamics of Retirement

Author Lynn Moore Reveals Why Baby Boomer Women Are The Largest Influence Behind the Historical Change in the Dynamics of Retirement

Lynn Moore

Vernon, BC Canada (PRWEB) August 11, 2011

Lynn Moore, author of “How To Get What You Want Every Time” and “Inspirational Goaling” reveals why baby boomer women are becoming a powerfully influential group and changing the dynamics of retirement as we’ve known it.

Just as the Baby Boomer generation has created massive changes in society’s norms as it reached various milestones in life’s progression, it continues to do so as the woman of this generation does not see ‘retirement’ as have her ancestors. According to Lynn Moore, creator of Clear Goals Coaching, these women, who are the segment of our society most responsive to the powerfully positive shift in our planetary consciousness surrounding the year 2012, are the front wave of the ‘new retirement’.

         This age group and gender whose numbers are greater than at any other time in history will be the most long-lived and in better health than any previous generation and they want to be productive. These women have experienced more rapid change, more accumulation of knowledge and more life adjustments than any past generation. Their accumulated wisdom is apparent and they want to use it creatively. They see themselves as free and purposeful for several more decades and are looking for a fulfillment they have not yet experienced. The National Association of Baby Boomer Women (http://nabbw.com) states, “Women have the opportunity to take previously untapped power into their hands to influence the direction of the marketplace, the workplace, the family and worldwide leadership. ‘We’re a powerhouse of femininity and our world needs us healthy, wealthy and wise’ ”

         Even more than these circumstances, they are unwilling to look at their future as one of traditional ‘retirement’, because they are motivated by a more ‘spiritual need’ to bring additional feminine energy contributions to society. They want to leave a legacy of new values through living their life purpose as they assist others to do the same. The “New Retirement Survey” by Merrill Lynch finds that “67% (of Boomers) assert that continued mental stimulation and challenge is what will motivate them to stay in the game.”

Tony Robbins, in his teachings of the Six Basic Human Needs, points out that Growth and Contribution are the two primary needs in life and “unless you feel like you’re growing, you will be unhappy and unfulfilled” and “A balance of contribution to oneself and others, especially unselfish contribution, is the ultimate secret to the joy that so many people wish to have in their lives”.

         Moore feels that clearly, this group of women is motivated by these two primary needs. Moore’s career as a Life Coach/Mentor teaching her proprietary system of choosing and attaining goals in a new way for a new age, has discovered this desire within most of her mature, female clients and experiences them seeking clarity and direction as they search for their ideal vehicle through which to accomplish their desires ie: entrepreneurialism, volunteerism, consulting, etc. To a person, she hears them saying “I know there is something out there that I am supposed to do; there is something more for me.” The same Merrill Lynch survey shows, “Baby boomer women view the dual liberations of empty nesting and retirement as providing new opportunities for career development, community involvement and continued personal growth.”

It is to this end that Moore was inspired to record a 50-minute mp3 titled “Revealed! Six Reasons Why Baby Boomer Women Are the Most Influential Group On The Planet And How To Get Extreme Clarity About Your Most Meaningful And Exciting Years Yet!” This recording is a free download on Moore’s website http://www.ClearGoalsCoaching.com and is intended to give Baby Boomer Women insight into what they are sensing and why, that they are not alone and that they do indeed have a new role in society that is much needed, aligned with the shift in consciousness and tells how they can develop great clarity in going forward.

Lynn Moore created Clear Goals Coaching http://www.cleargoalscoaching.com, an Internet business designed to serve clients across the globe and support her lifestyle as summertime Canadian resident and a Snowbird in the USA during winter. She is the author of “Inspirational Goaling”, creator of “How To Get What You Want Every Time” a 5 CD and Action Book coaching program, a speaker and certified life coach. She is available for speaking engagements, book signings and delivers coaching services to private clients and groups worldwide. She publishes a bimonthly electronic newsletter “Goal Postings” and is an avid blogger offering free tips and tools. For more information visit http://www.ClearGoalsCoaching.com

Contact: Lynn Moore Life Coach/Mentor Clear Goals Coaching Telephone: 250 542 8804 Cell: 250 540 0419    lynn(at)cleargoalscoaching(dot)com http://www.ClearGoalsCoaching.com

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Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Reveals Herv

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Reveals Hervé This’ “Kitchen Mysteries” A Two Day Celebration of Molecular Gastronomy

Secaucus, NJ (PRWEB) April 27, 2008

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa will on May 1st and 2nd welcome internationally renowned chemist and popular French television personality: Hervé This (pronounced « Teess »)

Le Cordon Bleu, with its lifelong invitation to share its knowledge, passion and appreciation of the culinary arts and its related fields, will unveil a two day “Celebration of Molecular Gastronomy” by welcoming the only person in the world to hold a doctorate in molecular gastronomy.

THURSDAY, MAY 1ST 7:00 PM — 11:00 PM

Le Cordon Bleu Signatures’ Executive Chef Yannick Anton will be hosting Hervé This through an intimate evening that will allow the restaurant’s patrons to take part in an event that “explores the science of flavour” by enjoying an eight course menu and mysterious surprises. A book signing of This’ latest book will precede the dinner while guests sip and savor a molecular in house cocktail.

FRIDAY, MAY 2ND 2:00 PM — 4:30 PM

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa with the collaboration of Carleton University is pleased to present a first for Ottawa.

Hervé This will be delivering a two and a half hour demonstration showcasing experimental techniques by using the kitchen as his laboratory, and showing his most recent discoveries in the chemistry, physics, and biology of food.

This conference is free of charge and open to the grand public, however registration is mandatory.

The symposium will be followed by a book signing of This’ latest book: Kitchen Mysteries; revealing the science of cooking- Columbia University Press. In this book This offers a second helping of his world-renowned insight into the science of cooking, answering such fundamental questions as what causes vegetables to change color when cooked and how to keep a soufflé from falling. By discussing the science behind many meal’s basic components such as eggs, milk, bread, sugar, fruit…, exploring the effects of boiling, steaming, braising, microwaving…, unraveling the mysteries of tenderizing enzymes and gelatins, and preparing basic elements such as soups, salads, cakes… Hervé This illuminates abstract concepts with practical advice and concrete examples.

Hervé This, international celebrity and founder of molecular gastronomy, is known for his ground-breaking research into chemistry and physics behind everyday cooking. His work is consulted widely by amateur cooks and professional chefs and has forever changed the way food is approached and prepared all over the world.

A physical chemist on the staff of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique in Paris This adds another dimension to the suggestions of cookbook authors by sharing empirical principles chefs have valued for generations.

Hervé This will definitely challenge your traditional ideas about cooking and eating.

For More Information Please Contact:

Pamela Bakalian

PR and Media Relations

Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute Ottawa

453 Laurier Avenue East

K1N 6R4 Ottawa ON

613- 558 98 56

613- 236 24 33 ext 230



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Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing Launches New Portal Website that Reveals Startling Discoveries in Alternative Health and Wellness

Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing Launches New Portal Website that Reveals Startling Discoveries in Alternative Health and Wellness

“Top 5 Underground Health Secrets You Never Knew Before”

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) August 12, 2011

Mark Cranston is a 55-year-old man who spends more money on alternative medicine — such as fish oil, glucosamine and echinacea — than he spends out-of-pocket for prescription drugs. He’s not alone. Think-Outside-the-Book-Publishing researched and found consumer spending on alternative therapies has swelled to $ 460 billion, growing tenfold in the last 10 years. Additionally, there are presently 420 million visits to alternative health practitioners per year compared to 350 million visits to medical doctors.

The burgeoning demand for alternative medicine has spawned an industry of companies, entrepreneurs, alternative health providers and vendors selling a dizzying array of nutritional supplements, herbs and therapies to an insatiable public. Some of these products and therapies are scientifically proven to be efficacious, and others are questionable, at best.

To help consumers make informed decisions about their options in the world of alternative medicine, where conflicting information and marketing factoids and half-truths abound, Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing has recently launched the UndergroundHealthReporter.com portal website.

UndergroundHealthReporter.com emerged as a natural extension of the popular Underground Health Reporter weekly e-newsletter, which has 250,000 loyal subscribers from all over the world. The new portal website is designed to be a daily destination for discovering little-known, cutting-edge — sometimes unconventional and always startling — information in the field of health and wellness.

“Every alternative therapy and health breakthrough presented in the pages of this site has been thoroughly researched and verified for its effectiveness before it was allowed to be featured here,” says Danica Collins, editor of both the weekly e-newsletter and the portal website. “Because we’re publishers of health and wellness publications, and not vendors of alternative health supplements, we’re able to present unbiased information that enables readers to make better choices when it comes to their health.”

UndergroundHealthReporter.com is also a health community where users can share ideas, opinions, personal experiences, and health resources relating to alternative health.

To commemorate the official launch of the health and wellness portal, Think-Outside-the-Book Publishing is offering visitors a free sampler consisting of 5 of the most sought-after reports from its treasury of little-known health discoveries. The 5 reports, compiled into a downloadable e-book, provide a taste of the startling revelations that the portal website dishes out every day.

The free e-book, titled “Top 5 Underground Health Secrets You Never Knew Before” includes the following reports: How to Make a Cancer Tumor Dissolve in 40 Seconds … Why Drinking the Juice of this Young Grass May Turn Gray Hair Back to Its Natural Color … A Mushroom That Cures Cancer and AIDS … How to Make Your Cells Grow Younger … and Rub Your Stomach Away in 2 Minutes a Day. The URL of the portal website is http://www.UndergroundHealthReporter.com.

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Health Trends Guide Reveals Latest Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga, Obesity, Diabetes, Aging & Wellness Trends For 2012 and Beyond

Health Trends Guide Reveals Latest Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga, Obesity, Diabetes, Aging & Wellness Trends For 2012 and Beyond

Leslie Nolen, Author

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 26, 2011

The instantly useful Health and Wellness Insider’s Guide to Durable Trends, Fleeting Fads & Innovative Ideas provides a health trends roadmap for every wellness sector: fitness, nutrition, yoga and mind-body trends, conventional, complementary and alternative healthcare trends, obesity and diabetes management, and longevity and aging trends. It illuminates the most significant opportunities and challenges facing health and wellness businesses, practitioners and investors, says author Leslie Nolen, president of The Radial Group.

Readers describe the report as:

“profoundly accurate”

“a crystal ball for the future of health and wellness, with the solid research and analysis to back it up”

“a wellness roadmap full of resources and information, with its finger on the pulse”

“a wealth of great, practical information”

Available worldwide in paperback, Kindle or PDF versions, this unique wellness trends guide spans the entire health and wellness spectrum, from fitness, nutrition and yoga to healthcare, diabetes, obesity and aging.

Unlike expensive and dry statistical reports, Nolen says the Health and Wellness Insider’s Guide is “Designed to be instantly actionable for health and wellness executives, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and investors plus media and marketing professionals”:

Special features include:

1. A detailed trend checklist of crucial developments in fitness, nutrition, mind-body practices, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), healthcare and medicine, obesity and diabetes, and longevity and aging

2. A four-page Buzzword List which gives practitioners instant explanations of the latest terminology and jargon

3. Discussion of eight emerging convergence trends like “healthy skepticism” and “Lifestyle Change 2.0” which are shaping the future for all health and wellness businesses and practitioners

4. Three proprietary models – the Health & Wellness Continuum, Dimensions of Health & Wellness and Health & Wellness Toolbox – which provide a new foundation for understanding the health and wellness interest as a whole

Then, each individual trend chapter leads with a “Big Picture” summary followed by detailed strategic insights and discussion for the eight sectors of health and wellness:

1. Consumer health and wellness trends

2. Fitness, exercise and physical activity

3. Nutrition, food and healthful eating

4. Yoga and other mind-body practices

5. Complementary & alternative medicine

6. Conventional medicine & healthcare

7. Obesity & diabetes

8. Longevity, aging & older adults

Nolen concludes with a discussion of seven guiding principles that will shape health and wellness futures for 2012 and beyond.

About Leslie Nolen

Leslie Nolen is a nationally-known expert on the art and science of selling health and wellness and president of The Radial Group. Her Health and Wellness Business Advisor and WebSavvy column reach thousands of health and wellness businesses monthly and she is a source for national media including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and Fortune.

About The Radial Group – The Health & Wellness Business Experts

The Radial Group publishes the free Health & Wellness Business Advisor and provides consulting, marketing and content exclusively for health and wellness businesses.



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