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Top Ottawa Valley Real Estate Agent, Cynthia O?Dwyer, Launches a New Interactive Online Resource

Top Ottawa Valley Real Estate Agent, Cynthia O’Dwyer, Launches a New Interactive Online Resource

Cynthia O’Dwyer

(PRWEB) December 14, 2010

With the recent launch of leading Ottawa Valley real estate agent Cynthia O’Dwyer’s new, interactive website, http://www.CynthiaODwyer.com, homebuyers and sellers now have a new real estate resource to turn to online. Featuring a diversity of tools and information, including Carleton Place and Lanark County real estate listings, the site is meant to serve as a gateway to the real estate market in the region.

“Carleton Place real estate and the nearby areas in the Ottawa Valley have been seeing significant growth in recent years,” says O’Dwyer. “The Ottawa Valley real estate market has become very exciting. It can also seem a bit overwhelming, at times, and this is why I built this website – so that buyers and sellers can have a one-stop resource for information on the real estate process itself, as well as the lifestyle of the region.”

Located just a few minutes west of the City of Ottawa, Carleton Place and other similar communities – including Beckwith Township and Mississippi Mills – currently contain many of the region’s highly sought-after properties. These small towns and cities appeal particularly to buyers who are looking to live in a more rural setting, but don’t want to be too far from the entertainment and employment opportunities of the capital city.

“This is a great area to live in,” says O’Dwyer, “with plenty of wide, open spaces, a rich history, excellent school system and an easy commute to Ottawa. The region practically sells itself.”

A two-time recipient of the Top Salesperson Award from Sutton Premier Realty Group (in 2008 and 2009), O’Dwyer is fast becoming one of the Ottawa Valley’s foremost real estate experts. For more information on her expertise and to view her Lanark County real estate listings, visit O’Dwyer’s new website, http://www.CynthiaODwyer.com.


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Harvard Health Publications Launches Online Stress Resource Center

Harvard Health Publications Launches Online Stress Resource Center

Boston, MA (Vocus) January 28, 2009

Harvard Health Publications, the publishing division of Harvard Medical School, today announced the creation of its online Stress Resource Center at http://www.health.harvard.edu/stress. The resource center was created to help the general public understand the ways that daily stress affects their bodies and how they can reduce these damaging effects.

The Stress Resource Center was unveiled by Dr. Michael Miller, editor in chief of Harvard Health Publications’ Harvard Mental Health Letter, in his appearance today on the Martha Stewart Show, in a segment titled “Stress Less with Dr. Michael C. Miller.”

Harvard Health Publications’ Stress Resource Center offers a variety of tools, including:

    How Stress Affects Your Body: An interactive illustration showing how stress triggers physical changes in the body
    How to Measure Your Blood Pressure at Home, an instructional video showing how to monitor blood pressure at home to make sure it’s not rising too high
    Q & A — The Impact of Stress: Answers to five common questions about how stress affects your health
    The Portable Guide to Stress Relief, which includes tips on taking the sting out of 10 common stressors and instructions for doing mini-relaxations: http://www.health.harvard.edu/stress-relief.

The Stress Resource Center also provides links to stress-related articles from other Harvard Health Publications newsletters and special health reports, including the Harvard Mental Health Letter, Harvard Health Letter, Harvard Heart Letter, Harvard Men’s Health Letter, and Harvard Women’s Health Letter. Topics include:

    Resilience: Remaining mentally strong and healthy during times of stress
    Caregiver Stress: When helpers need help
    Sing Along for Health: Singing to boost mood, relieve stress, promote relaxation, and enhance the immune system
    Optimism and Your Health
As part of Dr. Miller’s appearance on the Martha Stewart Show, Harvard Health Publications distributed to the studio audience 200 free copies of its special health report Stress Management: Approaches for preventing and reducing stress. This report helps readers identify stress warning signs and provides information on how to better manage stressful situations.

http://www.health.harvard.edu features additional health resources, diagnostic tools, and customer reviews of products.

Media: Contact Raquel Schott at Raquel_Schott (at) hms.harvard (dot) edu to receive our press releases directly.

May be used in whole or part with attribution. Media inquiries welcome.

Harvard Health Publications

Contact: Raquel Schott

Raquel_Schott (at) hms.harvard (dot) edu



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Sensei Health Hub? Revolutionizes Health Resource Delivery

Sensei Health Hub™ Revolutionizes Health Resource Delivery

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) July 28, 2011

Sensei, Inc., a leader in healthcare and mHealth, announces the release of the Sensei Health Hub™, a personal health cloud for all health resources and benefits information at a user’s fingertips. This cloud-based system allows personalized interaction of integrated health information and services from any source.

Health plans, government agencies, employers, hospital systems and ACO’s (at risk hospital physician partnerships) will spend more than $ 200 billion prompting better health and health benefit choices including telephonic coaching, 1-800 call centers, generic web content, email, printed material and texting. The fragmentation in healthcare delivery, and move to consumer centric health, has prompted the need for a more meaningful and engaging consumer experience in finding and using healthcare resources.

In this new era of connectivity, the proliferation of mobile devices has created a significant opportunity to reach, engage and motivate people in new ways.

A major challenge to providing health applications to employees and members is awareness, availability and integration of services. “Image trying to download, register and work with 10 different applications and programs on your mobile phone, with each requiring a different sign-on,” says Robert Schwarzberg, Sensei CEO. “At Sensei, we’ve addressed those key challenges of integrating and delivering personalized solutions through a personal health cloud, the Sensei Health Hub.”

The Sensei Health Hub™ is a native application providing a mobile portal to a comprehensive and configurable set of personalized programs and solutions that provide consumers a single point of access to their health related needs anywhere, anytime. Sensei’s and other 3rd party programs can be added or modified and available in real time to all subscribers. This offers health care organizations flexibility, access and connectivity to meet their consumers’ needs and interests. With single sign on, users have easy access to fully integrated products working seamlessly together for added support and continuity. The Sensei portfolio includes programs for wellness, disease management & prevention, health benefits as well as incorporation of rewards and incentives, all available on >90% of mobile phones in the market.

Sensei’s solutions encompass a broad set of goals utilizing health information technology for consumer education, motivation, collaborative decision making and self-management. Examples of program functions include medication reminders, meal recommendations and submission of claims to user’s FSA (via a mobile receipt), all functioning within the Sensei Health Hub™ and secure (HIPAA compliant) Sensei Connect™ network.

For more information on the Sensei Health Hub™ and Sensei Solutions go to http://www.sensei.com/solutions

About Sensei

Started in 2005, Sensei is a healthcare company bringing new solutions through innovative technology; connecting, engaging, and empowering people and the key stakeholders in healthcare with programs for health, wellness and chronic illness that improve outcomes and reduce costs. Sensei’s solutions are based on our extensive experience in population health, mobility and information systems.

Sensei is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. For further information about Sensei, Inc. visit http://www.Sensei.com.

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