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Asian American Teenage Girls Have Highest Rates of Depression; NAMI Releases Report

Asian American Teenage Girls Have Highest Rates of Depression; NAMI Releases Report

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) February 16, 2011

Asian American teenage girls have the highest rate of depressive symptoms of any racial, ethnic or gender group according to a report released today by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

The report is based on a “listening session” with mental health experts from different Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities held in Los Angeles in November 2010.

Key issues in the report include barriers to mental health services and negative perceptions of mental health problems particular to AAPI communities.

The report highlights statistics from the U.S. Department of Heath and Human Services (HHS) Office of Minority Health (OMH) and National Asian Women’s Health Organization (NAWHO) posing concern.

    Asian American girls have the highest rates of depressive symptoms of any racial/ethnic or gender group;
    Young Asian American women ages 15 to 24 die from suicide at a higher rate than other racial/ethnic groups;
    Suicide is the fifth leading cause of death among Asian Americans overall, compared to the ninth leading cause of death for white Americans;
    Older Asian American women have the highest suicide rate of all women over 65; and
    Among Southeast Asians, 71 percent meet criteria for major affective disorders such as depression—with 81 percent among Cambodians and 85 percent among Hmong.

“Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders represent a rich diversity of languages and cultures” said NAMI Executive Director Michael Fitzpatrick. “They include traditions from China, India, Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines to name only a few. Mental health care must recognize cultural differences as well as common concerns inside our broader national community.”

Recommendations include:

    A national strategy of outreach and engagement using cultural messages, ambassadors and social media;
    A linguistically and culturally responsive mental health workforce, including recruitment of bilingual and bicultural members of the AAPI community; and.
    Recognition of cultural influences such as tight-knit family connections and individual and family desires to avoid stigma and shame from seeking treatment.

NAMI’s Multicultural Action Center convened the listening session. Participants included:

    Asian American Studies Program; California State University
    Asian Health Coalition
    Center for Education Empowerment
    Charles B Wang Community Health Center
    Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement
    Chinese American Mental Health Outreach Program (NAMI New Jersey)
    Lehigh University
    NAMI Orange County
    NAMI San Diego
    NAMI San Francisco
    Pacific Clinics
    Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services
    Rams Inc.
    U.C.-Davis School of Medicine
    Rethink BPD
    San Mateo County Health Department
    Union of Pan-Asian Communities and
    Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

About NAMI

NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. NAMI has over 1,100 state and local affiliates engaged in research, education, support and advocacy.





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SPORTSMITH Releases 2007 Health Club Spa Products Catalog

SPORTSMITH Releases 2007 Health Club Spa Products Catalog

Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) August 27, 2007

SPORTSMITH President Brad Schupp is proud to announce the release of the 2007 Health Club Amenities, Personal Care and Locker Room Essentials Catalog. The health club amenities catalog features four distinct lines: Aroma Therapeutic Line, Sports Solutions Aloe & Botanical Line, Sports Images Aloe & Bio-Complex and Club Basics Aloe Formula Line.

Health clubs looking to offer spa products to their members will appreciate the salon quality shampoos, body wash/shampoo combos, conditioners, massage/sauna oils, hand soaps and private label dispensers offered at affordable prices.

Health Club owners have a choice of four different lines:

Aroma Therapeutic Line – Spa quality products enliven the scalp and beautify the hair while soothing dry, tired skin, relieving stress and tension. These products consist of pure oils — tangy rich blends of Citrus, Basil, Lavender and Shea Butter designed to please the most discerning members, invigorate their senses and keep them coming back for more.

Sports Solutions Aloe & Botanical Line – Comparable to the higher end Aroma Therapeutic line, the Sports Solutions line offers great value at a great price. Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil derivatives promote hair and skin silky smoothness. Bio-antioxidant body wash/shampoos offer additional essential oils from herb and multivitamins to support elimination of free radicals and add silky smooth conditioning to the body.

Sports Images Aloe & Bio-Complex Line – This line is the most popular because it enriches member and guest experience with the sprit of the great outdoors, featuring scents like Cucumber Melon, Ocean Mist, Caribbean Breezes and Almond. Pure Aloe Vera is the base and most products are further enriched with essential vitamins, botanicals, proteins, tea tree oil and emollients to restore hair and skin to their proper PH balance and healthy condition. This line is designed for the special needs of athletes, providing the ultimate skin and hair conditioning for active lifestyles.

Club Basics Aloe Formula Line – A basic line of gentle and pure shower and vanity products contain Aloe Vera Extracts to sooth overly dry skin and hair. The Basics Aloe formula amenities are made with quality ingredients comparable to most retail shower and vanity product lines and provide exceptional value. Fresh clean scents present the refreshing atmosphere of nature at its best.

In addition to the four Amenities lines, SPORTSMITH offers Massage and Sauna oils such as Sweet Almond & Hazel Nut, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen and Orange.

“Every product is hand selected and tested for the highest quality ingredients,” says SPORTSMITH President Brad Schupp. “Health club members demand the best products and we strive to deliver both top-of-the-line products and the most affordable prices to health club owners.”

A SPORTSMITH Health Club Amenities specialist will be happy to provide one-on-one assistance to solve supply questions. Each line of health club amenities is available for order on the SPORTSMITH website at http://www.sportsmith.net/spa . Please call to request a catalog at: 877-832-6142 in the U.S., internationally at 918-307-2446 or email info @ sportsmith.net. Free samples are available to qualified heath clubs.


SPORTSMITH began in 1995. Today, the company is the nation’s largest supplier of fitness equipment parts and personal training products. Health Clubs and Personal Trainers everywhere have come to depend on SPORTSMITH for its unmatched speed of delivery, unsurpassed product quality and the highest level of customer service. SPORTSMITH clientele also appreciate prices almost always 10%–30% lower than anywhere else.

Media Contact:

Troy Mosley, Marketing Manager


800-713-2880 Ext. 223




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