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The heath foods market was valued at £2.08bn in 2002 but current uncertainty with vitamins, supplements and natural remedies is likely to have a negative effect on sales.

The heath foods market was valued at £2.08bn in 2002 but current uncertainty with vitamins, supplements and natural remedies is likely to have a negative effect on sales.

(PRWEB) August 29, 2003

Research and Markets have announced the addition of the “Health Foods Market Report Plus 2003” report to their offering.

The value of the health food market covered in this report amounted to £2.08bn in 2002. This represented an increase of just over 10% on the 2001 figure, compared with considerably higher growth rates during the previous 2 years. The four key sectors consist of organic foods; functional foods; vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS); and alternative remedies.

The slowdown was most marked in the organic and functional foods sectors, both of which have previously experienced unusually high growth, and are displaying some signs of maturation. The VMS sector has been growing slowly, while sales of natural remedies have continued to increase at a steady rate.

The prospect of European legislation has affected, or will affect, most sectors of the health food market in various ways, and has already taken up considerable resources, as manufacturers and retailers fight to make sure their views are properly represented. Arguably, the most urgent issue concerns the Food Supplements Directive, which covers ingredients and dosage levels in vitamin and mineral preparations, and is due to come into force in July 2003. A report from the Food Standards Agency, published in 2003, indicating that high doses of some vitamins and minerals could be harmful will deal a further setback to the specialist health foods industry.

On the corporate front, much of the activity during 2002 has indicated that it is the larger specialist companies that are in the best position to capitalise on the health foods market as it is at present. A number of large mainstream companies have scaled back their operations in health food sectors, while at the other end of the range there have been several acquisitions of small specialist companies by larger ones.

The current uncertainty in the market for vitamins, supplements and natural remedies is likely to have a negative effect on future sales, at least in the short term. Sales of organic food have begun to slow down as the market matures, while the market for functional foods will continue to grow at a steady, but unexceptional, rate.

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Health Foods Market Report Plus 2003

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Free Yourself from Negative Energetic Influences

Free Yourself from Negative Energetic Influences

Andover, MA (PRWEB) April 15, 2010

There is a world of energy around us that cannot be seen with the physical eye. Some of these energies are negative, having a detrimental effect on health, well-being, and ability to function. Anyone can learn how to detect these energies and take action to clear them and create more beneficial home and work environments for themselves and others.

Circles of Wisdom is pleased to host Rev. Alicja Aratyn, M. Eng., Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers, for two powerful hands-on workshops that can transform your life.

Date and Title

Saturday, May 1:Environmental Dowsing

Sunday, May 2: Energy Alchemy: Clearing and Protection

Time: 10am – 6pm each day

Location: Circles of Wisdom, 90 Main Street in Andover, MA

Cost: $ 100 for either class, $ 170 for both

To Register: http://www.circlesofwisdom.com or 978-474-8010

During the Environmental Dowsing course students will learn to evaluate a space for negative energies such as high electromagnetic field (EMF) levels, Radon gas and electrical pollution. These can be from man-made influences such as high-voltage power lines, electric cables, electrical appliances, synthetic materials etc. Students will also test for naturally-occurring ley lines and sources of geopathic stress. Being in these energy fields over extended periods of time can weaken the immune system, making people more susceptible to illness.

Alicja will teach specific protocols students can take to neutralize and/or clear these non-beneficial environmental energies. She’ll also bring them a step further and show them how to increase the flow of positive energy, enhancing health and prosperity.

Sunday’s Energy Alchemy course focuses on harmful energies from negative thought forms, negative programming, and entity attachments. A thought form is a manifestation of mental or psychic energy. It can be created by people through negative self-talk or directed towards them by someone else, often unintentionally. An entity, or earthbound spirit, can attach to people when it is unable to move on to another dimension and we are in a weakened energetic state.

People are often not aware that they are being affected, and just wonder why they don’t feel like themselves. Alicja will provide tools to clear these unwanted energies. In addition, Alicja will show students how to create protective shields to keep themselves and loved ones safe. Enhanced mental and physical health is within everyone’s reach.

About Rev. Alicja Aratyn, M.Eng.

Alicja Aratyn was born in Poland and received a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from Polytechnical University in Warsaw. She emigrated to Canada in 1991 and dedicated her life to bridging Metaphysics, Esotherism and Science. She founded the Alicja Centre of Well-Being in Ontario, Canada in 1993 and offers tools for healing on her web site http://www.IntuitiveDowsing.com. She is currently the Vice President of the Canadian Society of Dowsers. Today she lectures, teaches and motivates people at many international conferences. Her classes are based on first-hand experience and loaded with knowledge, wisdom, and a great sense of humor.

About Circles of Wisdom

Circles of Wisdom is a Metaphysical Bookstore and Resource Center located in downtown Andover, Massachusetts. The store sponsors both local and national speakers to present on subjects such as alternative healing, personal transformation, meditation, psychic development, and spirituality. The retail store offers a selection of books, music, crystals, gemstone jewelry, aromatherapy products, gifts and more. Intuitive readings and healing sessions are also available.


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