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BetterMentally.com: An Informative Online Community with Mental Health Advice

BetterMentally.com: An Informative Online Community with Mental Health Advice

Sacramento, California (PRWEB) August 21, 2009

BetterMentally.com, a blog which focuses on issues that relate to psychology, mental health, and medication, now includes pages on the causes of anxiety attacks, test anxiety, and famous people with schizophrenia.

The page entitled “Causes of Anxiety Attacks” from BetterMentally.com explores what panic attacks, also known as anxiety attacks, are and why they occur. The site explains that anxiety attacks are caused by an involuntary reaction which occurs in the sympathetic nervous system. This reaction can be triggered for many reasons, including a hereditary predisposition as well as stress or even vitamin deficiency.

“Test Anxiety” delves into the anxiety which people may face in regards to tests, be they in school, the workplace, or in other areas. BetterMentally.com states that test anxiety is a form of performance anxiety. Test anxiety can develop after a horrific or stressful past testing experience. Due to increased social pressure to perform well in school, test anxiety affects a growing number of students around the world.

BetterMentally.com enlightens readers on the page “Famous People with Schizophrenia” about celebrities who have this debilitating mental illness. One suspected musician was former Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett. Known for his often bizarre and reclusive behavior, Syd’s mental illness may have been brought about or heightened by his use of drugs. Other prominent examples of famous people with schizophrenia include James Beck Gordon and Lionel Aldridge.

About BetterMentally.com:

BetterMentally.com was launched in January of 2009, and has since expanded to introduce an online community and forum. Readers of the blog can join the community and discuss mental health issues with other members. iGoMogul is responsible for the maintenance and design of BetterMentally.com.


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