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Major National Occupational Health & Medicine Conference Invites General Public to Attend and Learn of an Unfolding Crisis

Major National Occupational Health & Medicine Conference Invites General Public to Attend and Learn of an Unfolding Crisis

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) June 6, 2006

Asked the nature of the crisis to be addressed at the OEMAC conference, conference chair Dr. Noel Kerin stated that it is both a human crisis and a looming economic crisis for industry. “Currently, one third of manufacturing costs are devoted to human capital” said Dr. Kerin, “and mismanagement of human capital can drive that figure to 40+% of total costs. At that point, trying to manage a profitable business in the global market is a downhill slope. From the human aspect, the impact of chronic diseases on workers, families and employers is a legacy which modern industry must address effectively.”

Dr. Kerin noted that this conference is of particular importance to all parties involved in Human Capital Management. “By opening the conference to non-medical people and industry” Kerin said, “we can bring all the workplace stakeholders together—unions, management, insurance, and WSIB—with a forum where they’ll be heard on issues.”

Topics on the conference agenda, to be delivered by an international who’s who of occupational medicine, include Occupational Asthma, Beryllium—the ‘new’ chronic lung disease, and Mental Health in the workplace. “Economics of Occupational Health” will look at Benefits for the Workplace, The Cost of human Capital, and Examples of Best Practices in Industry.

Dr. Kerin said that the overarching purpose of the Conference was to build answers to three key questions and bring them to the front of mind of business. “How can we help our employees stay at work and be healthy? How can we help our employees return to work in a timely manner? How are we doing in this regard?” Dr. Kerin said. “If we can start to share and understand the different perspectives, Canadian Industry will be in a better position to make sound human capital management decisions—particularly in relation to chronic diseases’ huge toll on employees and industry.”

OEMAC sees the Conference as a unique opportunity to develop consensus. “We—all parties—need to learn how human capital can be better managed.” said Dr. Kerin. “And we need to learn quickly, if Canadian industry wants to continue as global competitors. The statistics are grim, and they don’t lie.”


Dr. Noel Kerin

Chair, Conference Planning Committee

The Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada

Cell: 416-618-7716

Office: 416-488-2900

Dr. Howard Hamer

Conference Planning Committee

Phone: 416-248-5539

The Occupational and Environmental Medical Association of Canada





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Harvey Hartman to Present Insights on Consumer Health Related Trends at Healthcare Retail ’07 Conference

Harvey Hartman to Present Insights on Consumer Health Related Trends at Healthcare Retail ’07 Conference

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) March 7, 2007

The healthcare industry’s annual conference focused on retail initiatives, Healthcare Retail ’07, (http://www.HealthcareRetail07.com) announced today that Harvey Hartman, CEO of The Hartman Group, will provide a strategic address on the evolution of healthcare driven consumer trends. Healthcare Retail ’07 takes place on April 12 & 13, 2007 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida.

A celebrated author, business school lecturer and former Fortune 500 senior executive, Harvey Hartman is a nationally recognized expert on American cultural change and the consumer activities that impact daily business products and services.

“Harvey was our top rated presenter from last year’s conference. We are excited he will be speaking again this year and are looking forward to his new insights on the fast changing world of health-driven consumerism. Hospitals leaders focused on the consumer driven healthcare movement won’t want to miss his talk,” stated Tony Paquin, CEO of The Paquin Group.

Hartman plans to conduct an in-depth study on hospital-based healthcare retail trends in collaboration with The Paquin Group and eight major hospital groups in 2007. He is expected to discuss the design and intent of the study while at the Conference.

The Healthcare Retail ’07 Conference is sponsored by The Paquin Group, the leading specialist in healthcare retail initiatives. Healthcare Retail ’07 is the premier meeting event for hospitals and healthcare organizations considering or currently implementing a retail strategy. The sale of healthcare related products generates revenues of more than $ 400 billion annually.

The conference covers a complete range of healthcare retail topics and delivers specific information on how to assess and implement healthcare retail systems to capture a portion of this burgeoning market. These include hospital retail locations, e-commerce solutions, branding strategies, loyalty cards, private label brands, in-room education/television technology and medical day spas.

“With the continuing trend towards integration of health and wellness-related products and services across traditional retail channels and the continued emergence and evolution of the health and wellness-conscious consumer, there has never been a time so ripe for hospitals and healthcare systems to sharpen their focus and innovate their retail offerings,” said Hartman.

Hartman has consulted with major pharmaceutical, food and packaged goods companies in developing both strategic and tactical direction in today’s marketplace. He has worked with non profits, such as Mothers and Others for a Livable Planet, and has consulted to numerous NGO and governmental organizations such as the EPA, FDA, USDA, World Wildlife Fund, Co-op America and The Food Alliance.

He started The Hartman Group in 1989, which today is a full-service strategic consultancy and market insights provider specializing in the health and wellness marketplace. Over the past 18 years the company’s work has reignited ailing brands, redirected retail strategies and successfully informed new product development for clients ranging from mainstream retailers such as Wal-Mart to large natural products retailers, to restaurants like McDonald’s, as well as large consumer packaged goods companies and service providers.

“Retail in healthcare is now seen as an important strategy for hospitals and healthcare systems to generate new, non-reimbursed sources of revenue,” states Paquin. Registration and other information for the conference can be found at http://www.HealthcareRetail07.com or by calling 407-566-1333.

About The Paquin Group

The Paquin Group, the nation’s leading specialist in healthcare-based retail, is an alliance of industry leading experts and resources created to assist hospitals in the implementation of healthcare retail strategies. The company’s core mission is to increase revenue opportunities and minimize risks for healthcare organizations. As Medicare reimbursement rates continue to be pressured downward and expenses rise, new sources for non-reimbursed revenues are becoming essential to the financial viability of hospitals. The Paquin Group helps hospitals identify and implement these new retail revenue strategies. In addition, the firm organizes the healthcare industry’s premier annual meeting event for healthcare retail initiatives, The Healthcare Retail ’07 Conference. For more information, visit http://www.ThePaquinGroup.com.

About The Hartman Group, Inc.

The Hartman Group, Inc., founded 1989, is a full-service consulting and market research firm offering a wide range of services and products specializing on the health and wellness markets. The company’s headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington. The Hartman Group’s unique approach employs experts from diverse academic backgrounds to lead consumer-driven insight expeditions for actionable insights. The company’s methodological approach includes experiential and immersive research strategies borrowing techniques from ethnography and linguistics. For more information, visit http://www.hartman-group.com.



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Alcea Announces Fast BugTrack Version 6.0 and Web Conference

Alcea Announces Fast BugTrack Version 6.0 and Web Conference

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) January 30, 2006

Alcea Technologies Inc. will be holding a web conference to celebrate the Version 6.0 release of its flagship product Fast BugTrack. Alcea continues to add powerful new features to their products and will be performing an online presentation of the new systems on February 1, 2006. Details of the web conference can be found at http://www.alceatech.com/webconference.

Alcea Solutions

Alcea focuses on simple web-based systems, which are robust, easy to configure, require minimal installation, and runs on any platform. Alcea tracking products allow customers to improve the speed and quality of their resolution processes by documenting the entire process and decreasing the time it takes to transition the issue from one person to another. By addressing accountability, effective communication, and historical trace backs, companies can identify any issues that arise and address them properly until they are solved.

The tracking process creates a detailed history, which ensures team members are able to grasp the status of all outstanding issues. Enhanced communication is achieved using detailed e-mail notifications from discovery to resolution. Proper communication and historical details ensure that issues are properly managed and easily reproduced. The web-based interface is simple to use and will work on any machine with a web browser. An online demo is available at any time, and evaluation copies can be up and running in 5 minutes. All information is available at http://www.fastbugtrack.com/.

About Alcea Technologies Inc.

Alcea Technologies Inc. was founded in 1997, in Ottawa, Canada, by a team of Information Technology professionals. It provides solutions in staffing, system integration, database services, and software development. It was recently ranked in the top 100 Information Technology service companies in Canada by The Branham Group.



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Canada Tackles Next-Generation Communication Issues — Voice 2.0 Conference to Discuss Industry Evolution

Canada Tackles Next-Generation Communication Issues — Voice 2.0 Conference to Discuss Industry Evolution

Ottawa, Ontario (PRWEB) August 30, 2006

An array of new, exciting and disruptive trends are sweeping the telecommunications sector, and those at the forefront of these changes will be in Ottawa at Scotiabank Place on October 16th, 2006 for Voice 2.0 – Beyond Telecom. The conference will consist of keynotes, panel discussions and participant defined workshops in five key topic areas: open source telephony, lead platform technologies and architectures, new applications of voice technology (mashups), alternative networks, and the new user experience.

Representatives from industry leaders Cisco, Microsoft Canada, Nokia and Nortel, up-and-coming players including Iotum and FirstHand Technologies, as well as researchers and developers will be on hand to explore key changes affecting today’s communication industry. Through interactive sessions, Voice 2.0 will include prime chances for networking and the ability to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities that these changes present.

“There is a great need for a venue where practitioners at the forefront of building next-generation communications networks and applications can get a broad perspective on the changes in telecom,” said Ross MacLeod, Voice 2.0’s conference host. “Voice 2.0 will provide an environment where attendees can share experiences that will speed the adoption of leading technologies and practices in the sector.”

Participants will explore how changes are impacting the telecommunications industry and discover new opportunities for collaboration. As well, to ensure dialogue between participants, several opportunities are available for content suggestion and presentations by companies and individuals highlighting new technologies and ventures. To register, suggest content for sessions or to learn more about Voice 2.0, visit http://www.voice2.ca.

About Voice 2.0

In collaboration with the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation (OCRI), Voice 2.0 is Ottawa’s premiere next-generation communications conference. Held October 16th at Scotiabank Place, the event will bring together telecom practitioners to share insight and information regarding the changing communications sector. Visit http://www.voice2.ca or http://www.ocri.ca for additional information.

Contact information:


Laura Slater

High Road Communications

613-236-0909 x 317

Sponsorship opportunities:

Alex Schecter


613-828-6274 x250

# # #

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Heenan Blaikie and Privasoft Announce the Annual ?Hot Issues in Access to Information Conference?

Heenan Blaikie and Privasoft Announce the Annual “Hot Issues in Access to Information Conference”

Ottawa, ON (Vocus) April 16, 2010

The Annual “Hot Issues in Access to Information Conference” will be held on April 28, 2010 from 12:00 – 4:00 pm in Ottawa, Ontario. The event will focus on the Access to Information Act (ATIA) and the access to information aspects of the Privacy Act (PA). It will offer ATIP and other access to information professionals the opportunity to hear from experts in the field.

The conference is being presented by the legal experts at Heenan Blaikie and sponsored by Ottawa software company Privasoft, who have come together to bring the ATIP community tips from the ATIP trenches that will help them manage a successful and efficient ATIP operation.

ATIP coordinators and access to information professionals will want to attend this event to learn about the latest issues in ATIA from industry experts. Speakers will include Edith Cody-Rice, Senior Counsel with the CBC and Ross Hodgins, Senior Advisor in the Office of the Information Commissioner.

The event will kick off with a light lunch during registration, followed by a discussion on the recent developments in access to information exemptions. Attendees will learn about the latest advancements with Access Impact Assessments and proactive disclosure, along with what records may be the subject of an access request as a result of the recent fallout from the Prime Minister’s Agenda case and the latest decisions on delay. All attendees will receive an information package with written materials from the event.

For additional details, including location and advanced registration information, visit: http://www.privasoft.com/site/Company/Hot-Issues-In-Access-to%20Information-2010-registration.html

About Heenan Blaikie – (http://www.HeenanBlaikie.com)

Heenan Blaikie LLP are leaders in the area of access to information and privacy law. They regularly give advice to institutions and entities governed or affected by this legislation and have produced an Electronic Guide on Ontario’s and the federal government’s access and privacy legislation, available at http://www.accessprivacy.ca. Since its inception in 1973, Heenan Blaikie has become one of the leading law firms in the country. With an outstanding track record in business law, labour and employment, litigation, taxation, entertainment law and intellectual property, Heenan Blaikie delivers comprehensive legal advice and innovative business solutions to clients across Canada and abroad from their offices in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, and through strategic alliances that allow them to be a constant presence in Paris and Singapore.

About Privasoft – (http://www.Privasoft.com)

For nearly 20 years, Privasoft has been delivering software and services to automate case management in the public sector and regulated industries. Privasoft customers must comply with legislative, regulatory and internal requirements and are represented in health care, law enforcement and all levels of government. They rely on Privasoft to capture, analyze, track, process and report on case work related to information disclosure processes. Privasoft is a Microsoft Certified Partner with offices in Ottawa, ON, Arlington, VA and Brentford, Middlesex.


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TrialStat’s Chief Scientist to Speak at the 2nd Annual Clinical Trials in Canada Conference

TrialStat’s Chief Scientist to Speak at the 2nd Annual Clinical Trials in Canada Conference

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) October 19, 2006

TrialStat Corporation, a clinical data management on demand company, continues its ongoing commitment to informing the industry of important data management trends with Dr. Khaled El Emam, TrialStat’s Chief Scientist, scheduled to discuss the integration, ethical and privacy challenges of managing patient records in electronic data systems at the 2nd Annual Clinical Trials in Canada conference on October 23 in Toronto.

Combining ClinicalAnalytics (CA) 4.0™, the company’s web-based electronic data capture (EDC) platform, and a suite of professional data management services, TrialStat provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology, contract research organizations (CROs) and academic institutions a secure, scaleable and rapidly deployable clinical data management on demand solution. Launched earlier this month, the latest version of CA 4.0 provides a suite of new features that further enhance the quality, accuracy and security of customers’ clinical trial data, while automating its analysis and management.

“CROs are under immense pressure to create a secure operating environment to manage sensitive patient data electronically from multiple jurisdictions with often different regulatory requirements,” said Dr. El Emam. “As CROs and sponsors move more towards automating their clinical trial processes through EDC, they need assurance that all relevant regulations are followed. This presentation will highlight important questions for CROs and sponsors to ask.”

Details of Dr. El Emam presentation are:

    Topic: Electronic Data System and Electronic Application – Regulatory and Privacy Considerations in Patient Record Databases Sent to Multiple Jurisdictions.

    When: October 23, 2006 – 11:45pm (EST)

    Where: The Old Mill Inn – 21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, Ontario

Dr. El Emam is renowned for his experimental work in software engineering. He has worked at the National Research Council of Canada and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. He is also an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and a Canada Research Chair in Electronic Health Information at the University of Ottawa. Dr. El Emam has been repeatedly ranked as the top software and systems engineering scholar in the world for his research on software measurement, quality and process improvement.

About TrialStat

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, TrialStat is a privately held company that delivers clinical data management on demand by combining its full suite of data management services with the company’s software as a service products. CA 4.0 is a robust and scaleable EDC on demand solution used by leading commercial and academic clinical research organizations. SRS 3.0™ automates systematic reviews using real-time collaboration and management tools to achieve transparent, auditable and reproducible results quickly and cost-effectively. For more information, please visit us at http://www.trialstat.com.

ClinicalAnalytics 4.0 and SRS 4.0 are registered trademarks of TrialStat Corporation.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Shelley Mullins

Media Relations, TrialStat


smullins @ trialstat.com


Kathryn Schwab

Media Relations, TrialStat


kschwab @ trialstat.com



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ASDAH Announces Health At Every Size

ASDAH Announces Health At Every Size ® Registered Trademark and Final Schedule for August Conference in San Francisco

San Fracisco. CA (PRWEB) August 01, 2011

The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) is pleased to announce that they have been granted a trademark for Health At Every Size® services and materials This is the culmination of many months of patient work and planning on the part of the ASDAH Board, who are careful to stress that the trademark registration is part of an ongoing effort to keep the term from being “borrowed” by diet and weight-loss programs not in keeping with the original intent of the phrase.

“This is not about keeping the Health At Every Size® approach exclusive to ASDAH,” said ASDAH President, Deb Lemire. “Through the diligent work of many people both within and allied with our organization, the Health At Every Size® principles have come to mean something very important to people of all sizes who want access to compassionate, relevant and rational health care. We simply want to protect this phrase from individuals or large corporations who would seek to co-opt the phrase to hawk their latest diet or weight-loss program.”

The new trademark is just one in a series of proactive responses to the continued misguided public and political approach to health and weight. In June, ASDAH launched healthateverysizeblog.com featuring outspoken advocates for the Health At Every Size® paradigm. ASDAH also recently responded to a commentary in JAMA suggesting the removal of higher weight children from their homes. While the removal was proposed as a last resort, “the option should not even have been on the table,” says Lemire “when the Health At Every Size® approach is a viable and compassionate alternative.” ASDAH has drafted a policy response which can be downloaded from its website.

International Conference All Star Line Up

The Association for Size Diversity and Health will host its Fifth International Educational conference in August in San Francisco. Entitled “No Body Left Behind – The HAESSM Model: Ensuring an Inclusive Approach to Health and Wellness,” the conference boasts an impressive list of speakers from a wide variety of disciplines. Keynoting will be Linda Bacon, UC Davis and Lucy Aphramor, RD, Coventry University, UK discussing their recently published article in the Nutrition Journal which concluded that prescribing weight loss is ineffectual and unethical.

Additional speakers include Professor Amy Farrell, who recently appeared on The Colbert Report to discuss her book: Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture, a study of the historical roots of fat denigration in the United States; Stephanie Brooks, RD, Fall Ferguson, JD, MA, Judith Matz, LCSW, Laura McKibbin, LICSW and Lenny Husen, MD—who will speak about the importance of promoting wellness as opposed to healthism.

Newly added participants also include international experts Amy Herskowitz, MSc, a senior program consultant for the Ontario provincial government in the Ministry of Health’s mental health program area; and Lydia Jade Turner, BA, PG Dip, Managing Director of BodyMatters Australasia, an Eating Disorder clinic pioneering the Health At Every Size® approach to treatment in Sydney Australia, will discuss how ED and HAESSM approaches can work collaboratively to promote self-care and client wellness.

A special highlight of the conference will be a showing of the latest director’s cut of Darryl Roberts’ highly anticipated new film, America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments—A look at our unhealthy obsession with dieting and other weighty matters. Open to the public, the film will be shown Saturday, August 13 at 8 p.m. followed by a Q&A with the director and several participants in the film. A virtual press conference with Darryl Roberts will be held Tuesday, August 2 at 5:00 PM EST. Those interested in participating should email ASDAH at [email protected] .

The conference is paying more than lip service to the concept of inclusion in health and wellness. Attendees are invited to participate, both in the fitness demonstrations led by licensed fitness instructor, Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick) and in live demonstrations depicting challenging health care situations and breakout groups on Sunday where attendees will work together to strategize practical solutions to ensure inclusiveness in modern health care.

“It’s one thing to talk about how a healthcare provider and patient should relate to one another in a clinical situation, and a very different thing to actually do it,” said conference co-chair, Dana Schuster. “This conference will allow attendees to practice their skills, as well as draw on their experience, knowledge, and ideas to provide an opportunity for everyone present to work together to find common, real-world solutions.”

Tickets to the movie as well as a complete and final conference schedule can be found at http://www.sizediversityandhealth.org/content.asp?id=148&sessionID=581450891


The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) is an international professional organization started in 2003. It is an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization, whose diverse membership is committed to the Health At Every Size® (HAESSM) principles.

The HAESSM (Health At Every Size®) movement is a continuously evolving alternative to the weight-centered approach to treating clients and patients of all sizes. It is also a movement working to promote size acceptance, end weight discrimination, and lessen the cultural obsession with weight loss and thinness. You can learn more about ASDAH and the HAES SM principles on the organization’s website at http://www.sizediversityandhealth.org or by subscribing to ASDAH’s blog at http://www.healthateverysizeblog.com.


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Canadian Arrow Private Spacecraft visits Ottawa General Aviation Career Day – Press Conference and Show

Canadian Arrow Private Spacecraft visits Ottawa General Aviation Career Day – Press Conference and Show

(PRWEB) September 15, 2004

Please be advised that the press conference will be held at the Ottawa Flying Club on SPETEMBER 24th 2004 at 1:30 p.m. at 20 Lindbergh (613)-523-2142 (Industry officals will be present including viewing and photo ops of the Canadian Arrow.

The Canadian Arrow (Ansari x-prize entrant) the Canadian spacecraft is coming to the Ottawa Flying Club General Aviation Day (September 25, 2004) along with top industry and governing officials. The point of this event is to inform the public that since 9/11, aviation is now finally on an upswing.

The following bodies will be attending this event to inform the general public about what the future holds with respect to aviation career paths, opportunity and aviation in general:

Transport Canada (TC)

Aviation Transport Asscociation of Canada (ATAC)

Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

Nav Canada (NavCan)

Canada Owners and Pilots Association (COPA)

Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council (CAMC)

Air Canada Pilot’s Association (ACPA)

Team Canadian Arrow (TCA)

et al. (etc.)

For further information, contact:

Charles Shefler

Membership Services/Marketing Coor.

Ottawa Flying Club

20 Lindbergh Private

Ottawa, ON K1V 1H7

Tel (613) 523-2142

Fax (613) 523-2187

[email protected]



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